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If a man with some power and influence came to you and asked for help, it would be hard to refuse or turn down, especially if the idea was to put in motion, in part, a movement with a Political objective. To help reunite and save our Nation, you say to yourself, YES! He pleaded with us to save his group!

So, with that in mind, you go out and assemble a team of alert, fair minded, and talented people to take on that task. You build TEAMS, you do Graphics, you write ‘RULES’ for all to abide by and ‘Create a Policy Statement’ or ‘Goals to Achieve’ and you start GROWING. You and your team Creates Groups, Links, Banners, Keywords, Tags, Hooks and a Personality, an Image, an Illusion or call it a LOGO; all for this man, this movement, with a clear understandable objective, TO WIN the hearts and souls back from the lost disheartened forgotten AMERICAN.

You do the job, take on the initiative and you GROW and GROW; adding groups and members with the IDEA of creating a GROUND GAME to slowly change this country’s course.

Like good little solders, you do this for love of country. Then one day you realize the MAN you thought you were helping was FAKE, PHONY or FAUX; that he was just as much a Narcissist, a Sociopath, Liar, User and Looser as every other Corrupt Politician in this country.

The Ego grew, grew and grew. The Rants and ‘Temper Tantrums’ grew expediently along with the Illusions, Delusions or Childish Visions of Grandeur. This could easily be ‘The Diary Of A Delusional Madman’. It could even ‘Describe the Muslim in the WHITE HOUSE’; ‘The Madness of a Delusional Man’.

This man, much like most of the other parasites in this Government, got eaten up with his own self-importance and every shortfall or problem was someone else’s fault. The Dagger in the heart came when rather than instruct, give direction or criticize us in our own ‘Administrator Group’, he aired all of the DIRTY LAUNDRY in a PUBLIC FORUM; creating ‘NEW Dictatorial Rules’ in the process. Then he STOOPED into the GUTTER by making it ‘PERSONAL’; basically saying this was just a ‘Coup d’etat’ from a ‘CULT’.

So along with admonishing and becoming CHILDISH and PETTY, he blackballed us. So we left all of his groups and formed ‘LIBERTY RISES’, much to his ‘chagrin’. Here we are in the middle of a ‘MUD HURLING’ Session or Storm while all we are doing was trying to put it into ‘Perspective’ and give the ‘Context and TRUE Background’.


The Former Administration Team of:
US Tea Party Loyalists Assembly

headersizedLIBERTY RISES


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