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06.12.16 STANLEY CUP 011

The Pittsburgh Penguins ended a memorable season with a 3-1 Game 6 victory over the San Jose Sharks on Sunday, making it their fourth title in franchise history. Veteran player, Trevor Daley, missed the game with his, still healing, broken ankle but was on his skates, on the ice, when the game was over. Trever Daley 1

The Parade is being held in Pittsburgh today.

Brian Dumoulin scored for the Penguins at 7:50 of the first period. Dumoulin’s goal marked the fifth time in six games that the Penguins had opened the scoring. They lost game 5 when the Sharks took an early lead.

Letang took a pass from captain Sidney Crosby and rifled a shot between goalie Martin Jones and the post for the Cup-clinching goal.

Couture, scored for the Sharks next, beating Penguins Goalie Matt Murray through the five-hole.

Kris Letang broke a 1-1 tie at 7:46 of the second period, giving Pittsburgh a lead the Penguins would not give up.

Patric Hornqvist clinched the win with an empty netter at the 18:58 mark of the third period.

06.12.16 STANLEY CUP 008

Mario Lemieux, owner of the Penguins, gave Crosby a big hug when the game was over.

The traditional handshakes began after Crosby lined up at the front.06.12.16 STANLEY CUP 004





06.12.16 STANLEY CUP 007Penguins Star Captain Crosby was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.

The Stanley Cup will accompany the Pittsburgh Penguins back home to Pittsburgh and there will be some a Big Parade an 11:30 A.M. on Wednesday, June 15th.

The Captain of the team is handed the Stanley Cup first and then it is usually passed to ‘Assistant Captains’ and then to every player.

06.12.16 STANLEY CUP 012

In sports racism doesn’t show its ugly head. Sidney Crosby handed off the Stanley Cup to defenceman Trevor Daley. Daley had played 12 NHL seasons and missed the final nine playoff games this year with a broken ankle, but Crosby gave him the Cup first because his mother, Trudy, is battling cancer and she wanted to see this. Maybe this is why I love sports so much.

Way to go Penguins! This was a well earned victory.

Daveda Gruber


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I came to America of my own free will from Canada. I obtained a ‘green card’ and then studied and took my test to become a legal American citizen. I passed with flying colors. I was sworn in as an American in a courthouse with forty-nine other people. I was proud to be a part of this great country.

Things have changed in my life in ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’. I sat by my computer on May sixteenth through May seventeenth and saw live feed of people in Washington D.C. protesting the ways of our current government. The live feed came from people through their phones and a couple of cameras. I watched a man named Mark Connors talk live with people on the phone about the situation going on in Washington. There were even live feeds of the highways around the area being highly congested. On the second day I saw a few busloads of people arriving to join the other people who had already started to hold and wave flags.

A retired Colonel, Harry Riley, endorsed this ‘march’. The outcome seems to be less than glorious. Operation American Spring turned out to be less attended, to be kind, than the expected ten to thirty million people expected to attend. After cameras were turned off, there was a picture that got leaked through of people handcuffed and being taken away by some sort of swat team with no insignia on their uniforms. That appears to be false. There are still people in D.C. as of 2:47 P.M on Sunday May 18, 2014. People’s phone cameras and hand held non-media cameras are still reporting from time to time.

Mark Connors was still talking live, at the time I was writing this, and he was saying he has been threatened that he would be found and cut off. He is apparently in a bus and reporting from there. He just reported that there were a few Bikers driving by him. I have heard through Internet sources that this even will get bigger on Monday May 19, 2014. And that Bikers will be coming into D.C. for an ‘event’ planned for the May 23rd – May 26th weekend.

The media made no mention of the Operation American Spring ‘event’ and the final outcome is yet to be known, if in fact, it ends. There is no more ‘freedom of the press’ as there used to be. There is no more freedom to gather and protest. It is now up to the people to report for us to know what is going on in this country. The truth is our freedoms are being taken away right under our noses. Most people do not even know or care what is going on.

I have seen bad times in my lifetime but I have never seen a nation being changed so quickly. From a free nation of diverse backgrounds, the population is now filled with ‘illegal immigrants’, which is by the way considered now to be offensive to these people to be called that. There are Muslim Jihadist groups with training camps all over this country. Notice that most are very close to Military Bases that hold large amounts of weapons. The Military personnel, however, have no weapons to defend themselves. They are not permitted to have them.

I ask myself time and time again, why did I come to this country? My thoughts are unsure for now. It feels like we will be overcome by a ‘Sharia Law’ based people. They are getting into this country very easily and they multiply quickly.

The hoped for Operation American Spring may have seemingly failed but it is in fact still running. We must continue to find our news through the Internet. Mark Connors has a site up that is running 24/7.

We live in a censored country. When the press cannot report what it sees, we are no longer free. The American pie we so loved will be Halal certified before we know it.

©Daveda Gruber

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Sticking to the real issues is in fact, something that the GOP has failed to do. The economy is in a sad state of affairs.

Yes, there are some ignorant Republicans like Todd Akin who scared women by saying they couldn’t get pregnant by being raped. I feel that women could be more educated on abortion. I do not believe that abortion should be a form of contraception but I do believe that there are necessary abortions and ones that are just required by a woman when the child is deemed to be severely sick or deformed in the womb. These are not babies who would be adopted and they are not wanted by the mother. These matters must continue to be a choice by individual mothers or women will never vote for a Republican. Just as we oppose some laws put into effect by executive order, Republicans cannot make decisions that individuals should make for themselves.

Illegals who have been here for ten years and have families and roots here cannot be shipped out of the country. I believe as others do that they can go to the end of the line and wait to be considered as citizens. The same conditions that all immigrants have endured should take effect. Criminals cannot become Americans. Take the same test. Learn the language because the test should stay in the English language. Take the oath to put America before your country of birth and swear to bear arms against it if necessary.

For government to change over in the next election, we need change within the GOP. This is a new time in history and we must be flexible.

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Granny's Book Box by Nancy Childers

Granny's Book Box by Nancy Childers


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