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Have you ever left workers in your home and gone out? Well, I have done it many times. Was I smart to do it? No, it was stupid of me.

I am a trusting soul who loves people and thinks the world is a great place to be. I live in a small city in a gated community. That should have been the first red flag. Why would my husband bring me here to this safe gated community and leave the garage door opened on many occasions when we went out? I believed because we live in a trustworthy community. After all, he lived here for ten years before me.

We recently had some renovations done. The work was done in my office, the master bedroom and the adjoining bathroom and my husband’s office. When the workers were ripping out the carpet and then laying the floor in the bedroom, I took everything off the dressers including my Jewelry box.

Let me go back and give you more information on my character. I am a creature of habit. I wear certain jewelry when I go out to dinner, out to do something ‘special’ or to take pictures. I wear only a gold wedding band at home, when working and when doing general shopping. When I put on or take off my jewelry I do it standing in front of my jewelry box. It is a two tier wooden box lined in felt with slits for rings. It also has a mirror on the inside of the lid.

While the workers were in my house, there was a film of white dust from drywall and sawing my shower in half to remove it. I was battling dust with every conceivable cleaning product while the workers were here and when they left for the day.

My husband was picking up food for dinners because it was impossible to cook with all the dust in the house. I never put on my ‘good jewelry.’ Now, not to say my gold wedding band is not a piece of nice jewelry but it is plain and easy to clean. I left my expensive pieces in the box where they belong.

My husband must have gotten jealous that my bathroom looks so nice. He asked one of the workers to come back to renovate his bathroom later this week. Not tomorrow because that is an important day. I am a permanent United States resident and I am taking my citizenship test tomorrow.  I am originally from Canada.

My test and interview require two passport style pictures. Yesterday I went to have the pictures taken. Now, if you have been paying attention, remember I said I wear my ‘good jewelry’ for pictures. I went to the jewelry box to put it all on. My two carat diamond engagement ring was missing. My diamond cross was there, but then maybe thieves get a double whammy for stealing religious articles. Another ring, with a ten carat pink imperial topaz stone, was there as well. But then it is pink and could possibly not look as expensive or irreplaceable as it actually is.

I made a police report. I gave the officer all the details. He said I should go look in stores that buy gold and see if it was there. Red flag, again?

If there is a gated community in a city there is a reason for the necessity for one. That was the first red flag I spoke about earlier in the article. The second red flag, well the police are not going to look for my ring. It is not important to catch common thieves. An armed robbery might be more their style.

As for my pictures, rings do not show in passport pictures. Still, I am a creature of habit, so, I wore my jewelry and found that I had been robbed.

My insurance company has been called. They will pay for another ring. Do I think they will investigate, heck no. The police did not!

My jeweler is happy to make me a new ring in these uncertain times we live in. He said that he felt bad so I will get a bigger stone; something nice to look forward to.

Tomorrow I will take the test I have studied so hard for. I was given one hundred questions to learn the answers to. Hopefully, I will be a citizen of this great country. I have paid my attorney many thousands of dollars to get me this far legally, but that will be another article to write.