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Will the American people give Trump a chance? I truly hope so.

Here is a man who will not take a salary but is actually putting his life on the line to help America rid itself of politics as usual.

We have a new President and he is not afraid of anything. He stands up to the media. He stands up to people who don’t like that he is against ‘Globalists’.


For my adult years, I have considered myself an informed person. I have never claimed perfection nor do I believe I am the smartest person around. Indeed there are those who are far more intelligent than I am.

I own and have built websites. I know how to work several systems on my computer. I am not a computer whiz but I’m better than some and worse than others. I have had a computer crash on me and knew all was not lost because my hard-drive was still intact.

No one really likes the IRS but we have tolerated them as a part of our lives. One email getting lost can cause concern but thousands of emails being ‘lost’ is be unheard of. A big organization, such as the IRS, would have back-up systems. I have a back-up system. It’s not unusual to have one and it was not difficult to install.


IRSEMAILLois Lerner said she deleted emails, then recycled her hard-drive? Who does that unless they are hiding something? Lois Lerner was never held accountable.emailsHow does the government and its associates believe that they can just tell the people and investigative committees that they deleted emails? Are there still people out there without basic knowledge of this? Okay, maybe a few who do not understand that an organization as big as the Internal Revenue Service cannot just delete emails without a back-up system or hard-drive to retrieve them. This would be illegal, in my opinion.

emails 1

A House committee voted on Wednesday to censure IRS Commissioner John Koskinem. They said he failed to provide information demanded by Congress and lied under oath. Allegations were made the IRS targeted tea party groups that had applied for tax-exempt status.

In this country, destroying potential damaging evidence is an illegal act. No one is being punished but I suppose someone will get thrown under the bus and then probably receive a bonus of sorts while they fade into oblivion.

For this country to have fallen into such depraved government who allow lawlessness to exist while the people of this nation are prosecuted in a court of law, if they are part of a crime, disgusts me.


Daveda Gruber

If a man with some power and influence came to you and asked for help, it would be hard to refuse or turn down, especially if the idea was to put in motion, in part, a movement with a Political objective. To help reunite and save our Nation, you say to yourself, YES! He pleaded with us to save his group!

So, with that in mind, you go out and assemble a team of alert, fair minded, and talented people to take on that task. You build TEAMS, you do Graphics, you write ‘RULES’ for all to abide by and ‘Create a Policy Statement’ or ‘Goals to Achieve’ and you start GROWING. You and your team Creates Groups, Links, Banners, Keywords, Tags, Hooks and a Personality, an Image, an Illusion or call it a LOGO; all for this man, this movement, with a clear understandable objective, TO WIN the hearts and souls back from the lost disheartened forgotten AMERICAN.

You do the job, take on the initiative and you GROW and GROW; adding groups and members with the IDEA of creating a GROUND GAME to slowly change this country’s course.

Like good little solders, you do this for love of country. Then one day you realize the MAN you thought you were helping was FAKE, PHONY or FAUX; that he was just as much a Narcissist, a Sociopath, Liar, User and Looser as every other Corrupt Politician in this country.

The Ego grew, grew and grew. The Rants and ‘Temper Tantrums’ grew expediently along with the Illusions, Delusions or Childish Visions of Grandeur. This could easily be ‘The Diary Of A Delusional Madman’. It could even ‘Describe the Muslim in the WHITE HOUSE’; ‘The Madness of a Delusional Man’.

This man, much like most of the other parasites in this Government, got eaten up with his own self-importance and every shortfall or problem was someone else’s fault. The Dagger in the heart came when rather than instruct, give direction or criticize us in our own ‘Administrator Group’, he aired all of the DIRTY LAUNDRY in a PUBLIC FORUM; creating ‘NEW Dictatorial Rules’ in the process. Then he STOOPED into the GUTTER by making it ‘PERSONAL’; basically saying this was just a ‘Coup d’etat’ from a ‘CULT’.

So along with admonishing and becoming CHILDISH and PETTY, he blackballed us. So we left all of his groups and formed ‘LIBERTY RISES’, much to his ‘chagrin’. Here we are in the middle of a ‘MUD HURLING’ Session or Storm while all we are doing was trying to put it into ‘Perspective’ and give the ‘Context and TRUE Background’.


The Former Administration Team of:
US Tea Party Loyalists Assembly

headersizedLIBERTY RISES

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I came to America of my own free will from Canada. I obtained a ‘green card’ and then studied and took my test to become a legal American citizen. I passed with flying colors. I was sworn in as an American in a courthouse with forty-nine other people. I was proud to be a part of this great country.

Things have changed in my life in ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’. I sat by my computer on May sixteenth through May seventeenth and saw live feed of people in Washington D.C. protesting the ways of our current government. The live feed came from people through their phones and a couple of cameras. I watched a man named Mark Connors talk live with people on the phone about the situation going on in Washington. There were even live feeds of the highways around the area being highly congested. On the second day I saw a few busloads of people arriving to join the other people who had already started to hold and wave flags.

A retired Colonel, Harry Riley, endorsed this ‘march’. The outcome seems to be less than glorious. Operation American Spring turned out to be less attended, to be kind, than the expected ten to thirty million people expected to attend. After cameras were turned off, there was a picture that got leaked through of people handcuffed and being taken away by some sort of swat team with no insignia on their uniforms. That appears to be false. There are still people in D.C. as of 2:47 P.M on Sunday May 18, 2014. People’s phone cameras and hand held non-media cameras are still reporting from time to time.

Mark Connors was still talking live, at the time I was writing this, and he was saying he has been threatened that he would be found and cut off. He is apparently in a bus and reporting from there. He just reported that there were a few Bikers driving by him. I have heard through Internet sources that this even will get bigger on Monday May 19, 2014. And that Bikers will be coming into D.C. for an ‘event’ planned for the May 23rd – May 26th weekend.

The media made no mention of the Operation American Spring ‘event’ and the final outcome is yet to be known, if in fact, it ends. There is no more ‘freedom of the press’ as there used to be. There is no more freedom to gather and protest. It is now up to the people to report for us to know what is going on in this country. The truth is our freedoms are being taken away right under our noses. Most people do not even know or care what is going on.

I have seen bad times in my lifetime but I have never seen a nation being changed so quickly. From a free nation of diverse backgrounds, the population is now filled with ‘illegal immigrants’, which is by the way considered now to be offensive to these people to be called that. There are Muslim Jihadist groups with training camps all over this country. Notice that most are very close to Military Bases that hold large amounts of weapons. The Military personnel, however, have no weapons to defend themselves. They are not permitted to have them.

I ask myself time and time again, why did I come to this country? My thoughts are unsure for now. It feels like we will be overcome by a ‘Sharia Law’ based people. They are getting into this country very easily and they multiply quickly.

The hoped for Operation American Spring may have seemingly failed but it is in fact still running. We must continue to find our news through the Internet. Mark Connors has a site up that is running 24/7.

We live in a censored country. When the press cannot report what it sees, we are no longer free. The American pie we so loved will be Halal certified before we know it.

©Daveda Gruber

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Where does it all start and where will it end? Chris Matthews says thanks to hurricane Sandy, B.H.O. won the election. It made him ‘look’ presidential.

Christopher J. Christie kissed the president’s butt and what did it get Christie? Nothing, but helping a presidential looking guy get re-elected. New Jersey is no better off because Obama went there to be seen in pictures. Why was Christie not told to re-establish his commitment to Romney? Now Christie is resigning. I guess B.H.O. didn’t give him what he promised.

Did Romney try too hard to look presidential after the first debate? Did he turn his cheek rather than fight? You can’t win without a fight.

Why was Benghazi not brought up? Why was Obama not slammed with it? He played dirty. Why does the GOP think that they can play clean?

Was Romney not the best GOP candidate? Was this election doomed from the start? Was the whole election based on voter fraud? It sure looks like a possibility.

Nevada was won because union workers were told to vote Democrat or not bother to go to work on Wednesday. Nevada has no jobs but they helped re-elect the same president with another four years.

The Dow dropped 300 points the day after the election and continues to go down. Does that show there really is no faith in the ability of this president? Europe seems to have doubts about America under this president.

Voter fraud was found everywhere. How many dead and fictitious people did get away with voting? We do know that fraud was popping up for Obama.

I feel depressed and angry today because this election was so close and needed fair and just voting. There had to be voter fraud and missing ballots from the military.

People voted to re-elect a president who just may be tried for treason, along with others like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for the tragedy in Benghazi when four American men were murdered.

Now CIA director David Petraeus has resigned and will not testify in the hearings. Hillary will be conveniently out of the country so she will not testify.

B.H.O. knew about the Petraeus Affair. How could he not when Eric Holder knew? It sounds like it all leads back to Benghazi. Something does not smell right. There is a big cover up.

The government has plans to take away our guns. Go to this link and watch.

There goes the freedom to bear arms.So much money was spent for us to have the same result as we had before this election. The president, the house and the senate all are really not changed.

Many states are petitioning to peacefully withdraw from the United States of America. Does that say something? To me it says they didn’t vote for B.H.O.

The people had the choice. Now they will have to live with it. They may find themselves unhappy when the jobless rate goes up and gas prices do, as well. They may not like socialized medicine that is government controlled. They wanted food stamps, well they have started to cut them. I guess those who poor people who wanted ‘free stuff’ and voted Liberal will have no toys for Christmas.

Life may not be as good as those who voted to go forward. Did they bother to ask forward to where? No, of course not, they follow like sheep. Where does that leave their lambs? They grow up in debt without even spending.

This country is changing for the worse very quickly. This blog was supposed to be an article but when submitted, I received a notice that it had content that was not suitable. There goes freedom of the press.