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Best Site on the net!


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Hermitage, PA (PressExposure) November 06, 2009 — For Immediate Release

‘A Poetry with Passion Production’

There is a poetry site like no other. I say this with knowledge because I am the co-owner with my good friend and partner Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson. Poetry with Passion is different from just looking at the front page. We as owners of the site are in clear view. Other sites have administrators who are difficult to get in touch with. Our site plainly gives a business email and two personal email addresses. Another thing that will catch your eye is there is a video button to click on. The video is about the members found inside the site and books that some have written set to music. The Video changes as membership on the site expands. An update is always in the making.

The site includes video presentations from all sources. Entertainment to keep anyone clicking away on links enjoying interesting and fun stuff for all, including member videos, Poetic Forms to look up and a forum dedicated to posting poetry in video format. Within the Poetry Parlour, you will find forums that give links to articles written and Press Releases as well a variety of forums to post threads on a variety of subjects, and reply to threads. We have on site bookstores and publishing contract information. There is also a blog section. The selection is getting close to endless.

Awards are given for each plateau reached; for over 200 submissions including submitting poems and reviews we give you The Bronze Member Status for over 1,000 submissions we award you The Prestigious Silver Member Status, for over 5,000 submissions we award you The Glorious Gold Member Status. For reaching over 10,000 submissions we will award you with The Penultimate Diamond Member Status and we have a policy that after completing over 20,000 submissions we award you our highest accolade The Platinum Star and a free publishing contract.

Poetry with Passion also has an on-site Poetry Style Manger. Her name is Christina R. Jussaume and her knowledge is irreproachable. We call her Tina for short and she is always available to help poets with the formation of styles. This woman is truly an expert. She has five published books and she includes glossaries in most of them. Learning is easy with Tina because she has a true love for helping people. She has helped m any poets in their writing skills so that they have books published.

The owners of the site, being Patricia and myself, are also well known writers with many books under our belts. Take it from me; we know what we are doing, as writers, publishers as well as running and developing websites. We go a little further than others do because we love what we do and we love our poet friends!

About Poetry with Passion

Poetry with Passion


They have passion

Mike Schuh is a man who enjoys doing for others. He has written six poetry books and one book of lyrics. His books include The Fruit of my Pen, Mike’s Choice, Spiritual Thoughts on Love and Life, Mike and Joe, The Cross, But it’s Mine Says the Moon-Shiner and The Porter Family.

Mike is dyslexic and still manages to get his words into books. Mr. Schuh is a US Air Force War Veteran and is on disability. He hears the cry of his fellow man and he takes action.

Mike is here for a reason. Jim Elwood Davis an author of a book entitled, The Blue Collar Scholar is a US Marine Veteran. He let a friend Helen McManus, author of the book Widowed Dreams, know that he needed a wheelchair. Insurance companies were giving him the ‘run around’ and not providing him with a necessity that led him to need a wheelchair. The files incorrectly stated that he could walk.

Both Mike and Jim are members on a popular poetry site, Poetry with Passion, and so is Helen. Mike is an angel here on earth. He, himself, is in a wheelchair from an injury and sickness. He does not have much but what he has he shares. The best part about Mike is that he shares of himself. First, Mike prayed to God for help for his friend. He prayed for a wheelchair. He talked to anyone who would listen, begged and pleaded and used some of the little bit of money he had to get the chair. There was only one available. It would only be of use to a left-handed man. Mike had noticed that in a picture of Jim, his watch was on his left hand.

Mike, with his heart of gold, got that chair. With the help of Jim’s friends the wheelchair was transported to Jim in a van. They picked it up in Springfield Ill., where mike lives and drove the chair to Chicago where Jim Elwood Davis lives. Jim had never expected that he was loved by many who helped to accomplish this deed.

Mike’s wheelchair is old and as Mike puts it, about to fall apart. Still, he believes if he is careful with it, he hopes it may last him a little longer.

Mike has a wish. He wants to be able to go further than a few blocks in his chair. He was approved to have an Illinois drivers license by doctors who care for him. He would love to go to a karaoke club in downtown Springfield. Mike is a singer and he writes songs. He hopes to be ‘discovered’ before his life is over. Mike needs a van that could carry his wheelchair. He had a van within reach but let it go to someone who he thought needed it more. His kind and unselfish nature is almost beyond belief.

I have spoken to Mike on the telephone. Listening to his stories, I know his life is very difficult. He fights to get through each day. Yet Mike helped Jim because Jim needed help. This was an act of love and kindness from one man’s heart to another. If people continue to move in that direction the world will be a better place.

I think about Veterans of  War. I believe they have served their country and should be treated with respect. These men should have good medical treatment and have things like wheelchairs if one is needed, whether the need comes from a war injury, a disease or anything else. These men fought for their country. It boggles my mind why this great country does not take better care of their own.

These men are both poets. In my experiences meeting poets they have all been good and kind people. I have had the opportunity to work on several Charity productions with these gentlemen. I hope that through poetry we can all learn something about caring for our fellow man.

This story of one man helping another should be common in the world today. Still, I find that in the world we live in it has become more and more uncommon. Government should step in as well to make sure our Veterans get what help they need whether it happened while fighting or not. People just do not seem to care about helping each other anymore. I hope this story helps others to take the time to hear a call for help.

May God continue to bless Mike, for he is already blessed. He has God’s gift of love for others. We are all blessed to have him among us.

I hope the government helps veterans of war, if not, then we are all doomed. We must help these men who have risked their lives for us.

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