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In ancient times there have always been the aggressors and the slaves. Man has in insatiable taste for torture and killing. This is easily explained by reading history books or just by watching a biblical movie.

 Since the earliest times, people have killed baby animals as sacrifice to God/Gods. That is barbaric in a way as it was not killing for food.

 Romans and Egyptians had slaves who were tortured on a whim. The first born of a race of people were murdered by soldiers who thought nothing of prying an innocent baby from its mother’s arms and murdering the child.  

 People cheered on as others were forced to play ‘war-games’ such a gladiators fighting till the death, chariot racing where not only the humans died but animals suffered as well and then of course there were many crucifixions that people watched and some enjoyed and cheered for death.

 Years ago, I took a trip to Italy. I sat and walked in the ‘coliseum’ in Rome. Looking in the underground cells where humans had waited in before being released to be devoured by hungry lions sent shivers through me. Sitting and looking down, I could almost hear the cries of people wanting to see blood and gore that was finalized with the deaths of many.

 The vibrations of that many souls do not go un-noticed to someone like me who is open to receive the messages they send.

 That place made me think. There is no reason to wonder how people can be murders today. Humans have always been this way. Murder and torture have been entertainment for people for a very long time.

 For centuries people have wanted power over many. There are still dictators ruling over multitudes of the working class.

 Why would we even question this? I believe that there have always been and there are now some people who don’t want this. To me they are what represent the good in humanity.

 The question in my head now is will good or evil win? By winning, I mean will evil take over and possibly end the world as we know it or will good over-power that evil and will our world flourish?

 The answers can only be told by time. I will probably not be alive when these answers come into effect; yet, I wonder if through my blood, will future generations who I have a blood relation living see it?

 My thoughts go deep on this matter. Will history repeat itself over and over again or will humanity, at one point, unite with love for their fellow man? Too bad, we all probably will not be here to see what does happen. Then again, do we want to be here to see it happen?

 I leave you with questions to ponder and I would love to hear your take on this article. Please leave comments. I will answer them.