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I went to court today to fight a traffic ticket. I had an accident on March 1/13. I hit ‘black ice’ and my car flew in the air and I blacked-out. My car was totaled. I had to fight the ticket that was mailed to me because I am not guilty of ‘reckless driving’.

1. I Have No Traffic Violations to my Name …ever (driving since I’m 16)
2. No One Saw the Accident!
3. My Dog was in a Dog Seat in the Car
4. My License Plate: DAVEDA is my name. …What Idiot Would Drive Recklessly with a License Plate with their NAME on it?
5. Where I live is a GATED COMMUNITY with a 10 MPH Speed Limit
I’m Used to Driving SLOW!

“GUILTY!” I was told by the judge. I was told that even if I was driving at 10 MPH, it was too fast for the road conditions. If I had an accident, I should have been driving slow enough not to have an accident. I wonder why the speed limit does not come into play here but it doesn’t.

The judge said everything was irrelevant but he listened to me. I talked a lot.

Life is not always fair or just.


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