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This is a touchy subject for us, for government and religions.

There is genetic modifying of human embryos possible and probably being experimented on now. This is going on in Asian countries predominantly.  Soon, it will be possible to not only determine the sex of a baby but alter it to have a genius mind, be beautiful, not have cancer/disease, be strong and the list goes on.

Whatever I say, I will have people against me on this one. The fact is that genetically ‘perfect’ babies can and will exist in some countries and the intelligence of those races will then be able to ‘hack’ into everything government, financial institutes etc. in not only the United States, but any country that does not compete. We may be in for a new way of life. We may have to become competitive in all ways or become the third world nation that is left behind.

I remember seeing futuristic movies many, many years ago. They have somewhat become reality now. Is the world changing before our eyes and are we the last ones to find out?

I’m old enough to say that I will probably not be going to be around to see all the changes that technology will eventually demand of us. Maybe my children will see it. God help us all.

I have commented to the video I watched and will supply the link. What are your thoughts on this issue?

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