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Sticking to the real issues is in fact, something that the GOP has failed to do. The economy is in a sad state of affairs.

Yes, there are some ignorant Republicans like Todd Akin who scared women by saying they couldn’t get pregnant by being raped. I feel that women could be more educated on abortion. I do not believe that abortion should be a form of contraception but I do believe that there are necessary abortions and ones that are just required by a woman when the child is deemed to be severely sick or deformed in the womb. These are not babies who would be adopted and they are not wanted by the mother. These matters must continue to be a choice by individual mothers or women will never vote for a Republican. Just as we oppose some laws put into effect by executive order, Republicans cannot make decisions that individuals should make for themselves.

Illegals who have been here for ten years and have families and roots here cannot be shipped out of the country. I believe as others do that they can go to the end of the line and wait to be considered as citizens. The same conditions that all immigrants have endured should take effect. Criminals cannot become Americans. Take the same test. Learn the language because the test should stay in the English language. Take the oath to put America before your country of birth and swear to bear arms against it if necessary.

For government to change over in the next election, we need change within the GOP. This is a new time in history and we must be flexible.

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