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The fix was in. The voting machines were rigged 2 years ago. O knew he would win. Petraeus found out and the FBI found out that Petraeus knew. The FBI contacted O. O had an ace in the hole; the affair Petraeus had. Petraeus resigned. Now Hilary is reportedly scheduled to travel to Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia while the hearing on Benghazi will take place.

We are in big trouble. We have a couple of options. One is to demand a recount including the Military ballots that were ignored. The link to go sign is:

The other is to take America back state by state. Read this link:

Then go sign this link:

Over 18 states have filed. If O has no more country, he can’t destroy it!
Pennsylvania wants out SIGN!

Read this link:

It does not seem like will will get justice for the 4 dead in Benghazi. There were 3 cries for help. O, Hillary, Biden and I don’t know who else all sat there and watched Americans being murdered. There was help near by. The help was denied 3 times. O is the Commander in Chief; that would make it his decision.

If enough states threaten to leave O will not have a country. He will be forced to step down.

Please sign the Petitions and read my links.

Thank you,
Daveda ♥

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