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Where does it all start or end? Chris Matthews says thanks to hurricane Sandy, B.H.O. won the election. It made him ‘look’ presidential. Christopher J. Christie kissed the president’s butt and what did it get Christie? Nothing, but helping a presidential looking guy get re-elected. New Jersey is no better off because Obama went there to be seen in pictures.

Did Romney try too hard to look presidential after the first debate? Did he turn his cheek rather than fight? You can’t win without a fight.

Why was Benghazi not brought up? Why was Obama not slammed with it? He played dirty. Why does the GOP think that they can play clean?

Was Romney not the best GOP candidate? Was this election doomed from the start? It sure looks like a possibility.

Nevada was won because union workers were told to vote Democrat or not bother to go to work on Wednesday. Nevada has no jobs but they helped re-elect the same president with another four years.

The Dow dropped 300 points today, the day after the election. Does that show there really is no faith in the ability of this president?

Voter fraud was found everywhere. How many dead and fictitious people did get away with voting? We do know that fraud was popping up for Obama.

I feel depressed and angry today because this election was so close and needed fair and just voting.

People voted to re-elect a president who just may be tried for treason, along with others, for the tragedy in Benghazi.

The people had the choice. Now they will have to live with it. They may find themselves unhappy when the jobless rate goes up and gas prices do, as well. They may not like socialized medicine that is government controlled.

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